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    The Amazing Sculptures and Installations of Crystal Wagner

    Crystal Wagner’s installations are a combination of printmaking, cut paper, and cheap, dollar store objects. Her work has a very organic feel to it, as if we are about to walk through a luscious forest or happen upon a moss patch. This isn’t surprising, as Wagner has spent a lot of time immersed in nature, spending extended periods  in Yellowstone National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. The large, site specific works convey the awe-inspiring beauty we experience in places like  Old Faithful. Txt Via


    Currently you can find her artwork published on the cover of Dura Lar, Matte .005 Drawing Pads available through Dick Blick Art Supplies internationally and multiple features on her work throughout the interenet, including but not limited to Hi Fructose, Arrestedmotion.com, ArtAttacks Online, Art & Science Journal, Inspir3d.com, Complex Art & Design Magazine, Crome Yellow Magazine, Catapult Art Magazine, My Modern Met , Beautiful Decay Magazine and Dzinetripmagazine.com, many more. This year she was the recipient of an Awesome Without Borders, Awesome Foundation Art Grant and most recently she was the Scultpure and Installation Category Award Winner of the SEE.ME, Art Takes Paris, international art competition. Upcoming she will be a distingushed guest speaker to accompany a international curated exhibition, “Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction” at the Joseloff Gallery as a part of the Hartford School of Arts Distinguished Artist Symposium which focuses on the top contemporary artists in the world using paper as thier medium.

    Crystal Wagner actively visits colleges as a visiting artist. Upcoming in 2014/2015 you can find her at the University of Iowa, University of South Carolina, University of Hawaii, Southeastern Missouri State University, and Syracuse University.

    Any inquiries in works available or commissions can be sent to hashimotocontemporary@gmail.com.

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    A British artist  Sally Hewett does embroidery work that represents the human body. Hewett is interested in the social and political stigmatism surrounding the craft of embroidery and needle work in today’s society.
    She says in her artist statement  My embroidery and stitching practice centres on bodies, beauty and ugliness and the conventions that determine which is seen as which…I am interested in how we see things, how we interpret what we see and how the connotations of needlework and embroidery as a medium affect how the content is seen – is it seen as ugly, beautiful or funny?”

    For more check out her Saatchi Art account.


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